Financial Tools

When it comes to managing your wealth, we listened.  Offering a full range of extended tools and services that allows us to partner with you in the way you prefer.

Net Worth Calculator

Get a complete view of your net worth — personal assets minus liabilities.  A useful snapshot of where you’re at financially.

Retirement Planning

View your retirement and track progress using interactive tools. Manage and prepare for retirement and plan for different contingencies

Investment Checkup

Analyze your holdings and see how your investments are performing and how they could be impacting your long term success.


Mapping out various goals, options, surpluses and shortfalls to track spending and saving goals.

Cash Flow

Address immediate cash flow needs by creating scenarios centered around your goals that enhance your retirement and investment future.

College Savings

Creating a focused analysis of college needs and how much you should be saving.


We understand keeping your financial data safe and secure is extremely important. This is why we limit your personal information on a need to know basis and never sell your data. And when partnering with third parties to deliver additional services, we make sure they do not sell your data either.

Privacy Policy

At Wayfinding Financial you will experience one of the highest levels of security in the industry.  Our custodian promises reimbursement for the cash or shares of securities from your account that are lost as a result of unauthorized activity. Your security is our priority.

Account Protection

Take your finances into your own hands

Let’s Talk

Take your finances into your own hands

Let’s Talk