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Let’s build your wealth together

Every Investor is unique. That’s why at Wayfinding Financial we work to identify all the ways in which your financial goals and objectives are encompassed in order to navigate you along the way. Our teams approach involves four stages:

No matter what stage you are in your life, we start with establishing a more detailed understanding of you, to build a closer relationship. By gathering and reviewing detailed information your long-term financial goals and objectives will be determined to set the foundation of your desired destination.

Our goal is to make sure your financial goals and objectives are in line with your expectations. Once we have a thorough understanding of what you want to achieve we can implement a personalized plan that allows us to measure, track, and update as life changes.

Wealth Management Investment Selection 

Our disciplined investment approach is the foundation in implementing and maintaining your personalized plan.  We have built a wide range of portfolios designed to help clients like you meet their financial goals. 

  • SPA (Strategic Portfolio Allocation):
    The SPA series of portfolio strategies are designed for qualified investors looking for a unique investment approach. Allocation will be selected based on the alignment of our teams research and long term asset allocation outlook along with the risk of the underlying investments.

  • Separately Managed Selection:
    Our team conducts research and due diligence to identify managers that are best suited for particular investment goals.  When allowed, we can negotiate terms surrounding, account minimums, expenses, and custom holding mandates.

  • Consolidated Managed Account:
    A platform to align your objectives to a customized build portfolio.  Accessing thousands of investment offerings including unified managed accounts, model-based portfolios, traditional separately managed accounts, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, enhanced portfolio strategies, and fixed income solutions.

  • Model Market Series:
    Within the Model Market Series there are an array of portfolios that we align their allocations from research among many of the top tiered third-party investment managers.

We do not stop once your plan is in motion. Continues monitoring and updating to address economic and market conditions, changes to your long-term goals, and unexpected “Life” events are essential to your long term success.  Life is unpredictable and always changing that is why engage regularly to adapt your plan as life unfolds.

Take your finances into your own hands

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Take your finances into your own hands

Let’s Talk