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Cash Management

Wayfinding Money+ believes clients should bank with a financial institution that puts their best interests first. No monthly service fees; high, market-based and consistently calculated interest rates; and a premium experience are central to meeting that banking philosophy.


Our Banking Philosophy: We believe our clients best interests should come ahead of our own. We seek to be transparent, consistent and fair in our stewardship of your money.

We believe you deserve to:


Keep your bank deposits with an

institution that places your best interests before its own.


Earn rates of interest and returns

tied to market conditions—not profit motives.


Be treated fairly regarding fees

associated with holding your money, including simplicity and Transparency.


Have simple and convenient

access to your money whenever you need it.

Banking where your best interest comes first

High, Market-Based Interest:

“Our interest rate calculation methodology is transparent and tied to the market. You receive a majority of what we earn on your deposits

Low Account Fees:

“No monthly service fees –ever. And the fees we charge are straightforward and under your control

Premium Experience:

“Our mobile app is modern and easy to use. And, the sleek design of the Wayfinding Money + debit Mastercard will impress friends and colleagues. Both are paired with white-glove customer service.

FDIC Insured

Up to $2.5 million of FDIC insurance per account holder — that’s 10x more federal coverage than any single bank offers.

Our Team

Donald O’Neal
CFP® / Managing Partner

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” — John D. Rockefeller

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Teresa Brokaw
CFP® / CRPC® / Senior Partner

“Dream higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean”

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Trent O’Neal
CRPC® / Partner

“You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” — Wayne Gretzky

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19020 33rd Ave W, Ste 390
Lynnwood, WA 98036

Kristen Christensen
Client Relationship Manager

“In my experience there is no such thing as luck.” — Obi-Wan Kenobi

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Frequently Asked Question’s

What is a Registered Investment Advisor?2020-01-20T22:24:06+00:00

A Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) is a fiduciary who has a duty to their clients, which means that have a fundamental obligation to provide investment advice that always acts in their clients best interest.

As an RIA, Wayfinding Financial can give advice on all aspects of your financial situation. We customize our advice to the needs of each client and construct a personalized plan that will meet your specific goals.

Does your company hold my money?2020-01-20T22:23:41+00:00

No, Wayfinding Financial does not hold custody over client assets. Most of our accounts are held securely by our custodian TD Ameritrade Institutional. Your assets are insured against fraud and bankruptcy to $500,000 by SIPC and up to $149.5 million per account through private insurance purchased by TD Ameritrade through Lloyd’s of London.

What is the cost structure for investment services?2020-01-20T22:23:20+00:00

Our cost for investment management services are asset-based. We do not charge commissions or even earn money when trades are placed in a client’s account. Our costs are calculated on the total value of your assets under management. This puts our loyalties in line with yours.

Are you a Fiduciary?2020-01-20T22:22:45+00:00

Yes, we are fiduciaries. A fiduciary is legally required to put your interest first. No sales of financial products. No split commissions. No nonsense.

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