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Wayfinding Financial provides independent
financial planning & professional wealth management dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

What We Do

Financial Planning

With our team having several CFP® certificates on staff with decades of experience, we can provide a personal touch and specific advice to each of our clients for their unique situation. Plus, access the tools we use anytime you want.

Wealth Management

Whether you need help making your portfolio more tax-efficient, want to fund education for your children, or get a head start on estate planning, we can help you protect and direct your wealth.

Guided Investing

We know that you appreciate the value of working with a trusted advisor. At Wayfinding, we work with clients to help you earn more, invest better, and stay on track for your goals. That’s why we offer financial solutions designed to enhance your investing experience.

Why Wayfinding Financial?

  • Independent and Unbiased
    Wayfinding has no ties to large banks or partnerships with specific financial products—our advice is 100% what we believe will get the best results for your situation in the entire market. Every one of our customers gets our full, personal attention.

  • Empowering and Collaborative
    We provide our customers with all the financial tools we use, so not only do you get a transparent look at our process, but you can take things into your own hands and determine your best path. When everyone has the same knowledge, we can work together on a plan you love.
  • Experienced and Successful
    Our team has decades of experience helping clients big and small grow their wealth and secure their futures, and have done the same for ourselves. With Wayfinding, you get access to advice that works.

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Our Promise

Your interest is our top priority, so we’ve designed
our firm from the ground up to help you:

Plan with individually
and invest with confidence

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you care about

Define and
prioritize goals

Access resources
dedicated to your security

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